Singer-songwriter, Josh Hendrick was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Shortly after teaching himself to play the guitar and piano at 13, he began writing songs. Josh's earliest influences were musicals from the 1950s but he soon discovered a love for vocal pop groups The Beach Boys, The 4 Seasons and The Temptations.

At 16, influenced by artists like Radiohead and Rufus Wainwright, Josh formed his first band, Hendrick. After 9 years and 2 LPs the band dissolved and Josh formed the pop/rock trio DALLAS and released a self-titled EP in 2013. 

Full time husband, father of four and artist, Josh's first full length solo album "Why Don't You Kiss Her Instead of Talking Her to Death?" brings his life of songwriting and influences together in one 14 song eclectic, melodic pop album.